Monday, February 28, 2011

March #3in30 goals and February wrap up

Ok can I confess something to you? Good. I did not do well on my goals last month.  My goal to work out did not come together until the last week and then I was discouraged to see that the scale was going up. Have no fear I plan to tackle that one again...and then some!!

As for the shower everyday well I can say that at least 5 days a week I met this goal!!!! Woop Woop some days I can say that I showered and that's it but some days I actually dried and styled my hair.  Wowza huh???

I also made my kids assignments happen.  That was a matter of life and death.  Without them school didn't happen.  Good thing I kept up with that. 

So on to March

Goal #1 To get up at or before 6 a.m. in order to work out and spend time in God's word...every day!! This will not be a real struggle right now because I already get up at 6 but I would like to be up by 5 by the end of the month then have Bible, workout shower all done by the time the kiddos are up. 

Goal#2 To Spring Clean yep I want to tackle and rid my home of most of the excess clutter and what clutter I plan to keep I want to provide it with proper storage.  We have so many books around here that we need more book cases.  We also have totes for toys but they too need a place to be stored other than stuck in the corner in a pre-avalanche sort of pyramid.  I want to clean carpets and wash walls which the kids will love.  I might even go crazy and clean windows. 

Goal #3 I am going to add to the workout goal.  I want to do it 5 or more days a week and will attempt to cut calories which by the way I will accept any and all advice on that from recipes to beating hunger tips (please HELP!!!)

Since my daughter was born in 2006 I have gained 20 pound and would love to see them gone as would my knees and back.  So its not so much about a size or weight for me.  I just want to alleviate the pain and feel the way I used to feel, full of energy and happier.

So lets hear it for March...totally planning on kicking these goals' tushes...Here comes spring lets celebrate!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mom's Heart

My mom heart matters.  The way that I see things and the way I behave matter.  I can change the world through my choices and behavior.  I can send happy healthy children out into the world or the kind of kids that will keep therapist in business for years to come.  I realized though that I have to ditch the past.  Each new day that God gives me is a chance to be the best mommy I can be.  The way I was raised does not have to be my legacy for my children.  Reacting in anger has no place in my home anymore.  Being aware is the first step and I am aware. 

I recall Sally Clarkson telling the story of a mom who came home from the conference to a sleeping husband, messy house and dishes overflowing from the sink.  Well I am happy to announce that I came home to a messy house, sink full of dishes....and fiftenn minutes in a child needing to go to the ER.  My sweet little girl hit here ear directly on the edge of a chest at the end of our bed so hard it busted the top of her ear lobe and even popped open the skin on the head behind the ear...OUCH!!!! So off to the ER we went. 

Three hours, glue, and an antibiotic later we were back home...phew! Time to start unpacking and doing laundry only I discover that a piece that regulates the fabric softner and bleach dispenseers on my wahing machine are gone.  Hastily and in a really high pitch squeaky voice I asked my mom whaere she thought I might find it.  Oh of course...the trash...oh and that would be the one that is in the dumpster. Grrr....out into to the pouring rain to go dumpster life long dream.

By 10 last night I had all the kids in bed, laundry was going, and I was exhausted.  Funny thing though I could not sleep I was trying to rewind and remember everything that was said.  I remembered what seemed like nothing.  My mom heart though it remembers...My heart matters and so do my kids.  I spent today being positive (at least more so than usual) I have also told all of my kids at least once today how much I love being their mom and how blessed I feel that they are my children. Its a start to a better life.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Feb 3 in 30 goals

Alright so I have been watching this 3 in 30 phenom on twitter and facebook and decided to give it a try.  So February is here or almost and I have decided on my goals.......drumroll...

Number one- first and foremost for the sake of my husband and children I want to get a shower every day...all 28 in February.  Its funny because when on the rare occasion that I am away from the kids I am a shower fanatic.  A day does not go by that I do not shower there as even been the occasion (gasp) that I take two a day.  I am not going all out here my goal is a shower which will include clean clothes but I probably will not being doing hair and makeup all of these days...though I feel better we need to take baby steps.

Number two- I want to work out most days of the week for at least 30 min each time.  Most days to me is defined as 4 or more. I figure if I do anymore than 4 that is extra super awesome.  I want this goal to be laced with the thoughts that I am doing this for my health not to be a size or number.  I want to be able to continue to win the races with the kids when we can get outside this summer.  I want to feel better, did you know that some studies show that 30 min of exercise in some people can work as good as an antidepressant???? Well I want that feeling I used to feel when I worked out 5 days a week for an hour each day....

And finally Number three- this one might be the easiest one.  I want to start every new school week with lesson plans and materials ready.  No running around to find this book or that one or to plan (yes this has happened).  I want all the plans done and materials gathered for the week before we start.  Ya I am going to forget something here and there the point is to be ready the majority of the time.

So these may not seem like big goals but I figure if I keep them smaller this first time I am not as likely to give up.  I really love this idea  tackling our goals 3 at a time...I can so easily knock one and two out just by getting up an hour earlier though my coordination usually does not kick in  until noon at least this might be my best solution....

Well there they are...on the February we go!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


In my house the noise level is generally above a normal acceptable range...There are 6 kids here three of which are rough and tumble boys and three girls with screams so shrill they can shatter glass and of course every one has to talk at once.  Once they start though its the competition that gets me everyone has to talk over each other..

What is is even worse for me though is I get used to the level of noise.  It becomes normal and bareable.  I can do anything when it is that loud.  What I cannot handle is the silence.  Not the silence when they are all snug in their beds the silence I hear when they are gone.  Spending the night some where or just playing at grandmas.  You make think the noise is deafening I think the silence is.....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Single parenting...while married

There is a large portion of the poulation that are single parents.  The defenition being that there is only one parent in the household who does most if not all of the child rearing.  Hold the phone though I am happily married (well most days) but yet this applies to me.  What how does that work? I think it must have been a military wife who coined the phrase "geographically single parenting".  I guess this is the category that I more closely fall into.  I am though not a military wife.

My husband of 12 1/2 years is a "deck driver".  Wonder what that is? He is the man driving the truck with 2 or three other trucks stacked right behind him.  He likens it to driving down a highway pulling  wagons behind him at 70 mph.  Any one who has ever dealt with a a wagon behind them knows that they do not follow well, they seem to have a mind of their own...and that is at 30 mph.  So he has a stressful job...and dangerous.  wonder how they get them stacked...they pick they up with a tow truck of a "hoist" while the driver sticks his head underneath.  This job has taken many men from their families. 

Back to single parenting...this job takes my husband from our family for anywhere from 20-25 days per year.  Let me show you an example.  He left on December 28, 2010, he was able to sleep at home on Jan 1, 2011 (literally he got home at 2 am and left by 6:30am) no one saw him.  He then has been gone until around noon yesterday that would be 12 days.  He left this morning to go to St. Loius to unload in the snow storm.  So hopefully he will make it back for a few hours with us today because tomorrow morning he leaves again.  When he gets back it will be a total of 18 days gone not counting today...

18 days with 6 kids is a lonnnnnnnggggggg time.  Especially when you homeschool.  To complicate things I have no help.  My in laws who live less than 500 feet from us are not into being grandparents and my parents are well not available (thats another blog post).  I have no friends...I think people assume I have no time or are scared of my kids.  So I truly do this show alone. 

Single parents are not always single.  I love my life but it gets hard sometimes and it takes its toll on me.  Am I thankful for my 6 healthy beautiful kids more than everything.  Am I thankful for a husband who sacrafices to provide for his family? It is one of the greatest gifts in my life.  Life though is not always easy and today is one of those days.  Call it winter, stress, holiday let down whatever but I have been in a funk and I want out.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Digging Out

Nope we are not speaking of the recent snow storm.  No at the Eckhoff house we are digging out from under our years of consumerism.  We have been a family for almost 13 years now and boy have we collected ALOT!!!!  Add in the six kids and it is like armageddon of stuff around here.  I have made the decesion as head huha of this household to downsize.  We do not need lots just enough to get us by.  No one in this house needs 30 shirts...for pitys sake that would be 240 shirts alone in this house.  I do laundry for everyone at least once a week so I see no need to have 20 or more outfits.  Not to mention when you have a smaller number of choices it makes getting dressed so much easier.  I started with my closet.  It is better but I am not satisfied with the progress I need to get serious about more I might need this I need to get tough with myself!!! So this is a journey I am hoping to see major progress by the end of this week.  I also hope to see maintanence for the rest of our lives.  No more shopping for fun.  If we don't need it we won't buy it!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Ok so I am hoping that by having some accountability from others that I will actually keep my New Year's reoltuions. 
1.  Start and keep a daily prayer journal
2.  Exercise in some form for at least 30 min 3x's per week (its a start)
3. Throw out/find a new home for the clutter in my home.
4.  Create and stick to a cleaning schedule for my home.
5.  Keep the family vehicle clean inside and out.

So I have some lofty goals.  I like a good challenge. I can totally do this.  How many of me are there????