Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Digging Out

Nope we are not speaking of the recent snow storm.  No at the Eckhoff house we are digging out from under our years of consumerism.  We have been a family for almost 13 years now and boy have we collected ALOT!!!!  Add in the six kids and it is like armageddon of stuff around here.  I have made the decesion as head huha of this household to downsize.  We do not need lots just enough to get us by.  No one in this house needs 30 shirts...for pitys sake that would be 240 shirts alone in this house.  I do laundry for everyone at least once a week so I see no need to have 20 or more outfits.  Not to mention when you have a smaller number of choices it makes getting dressed so much easier.  I started with my closet.  It is better but I am not satisfied with the progress I need to get serious about more I might need this I need to get tough with myself!!! So this is a journey I am hoping to see major progress by the end of this week.  I also hope to see maintanence for the rest of our lives.  No more shopping for fun.  If we don't need it we won't buy it!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Ok so I am hoping that by having some accountability from others that I will actually keep my New Year's reoltuions. 
1.  Start and keep a daily prayer journal
2.  Exercise in some form for at least 30 min 3x's per week (its a start)
3. Throw out/find a new home for the clutter in my home.
4.  Create and stick to a cleaning schedule for my home.
5.  Keep the family vehicle clean inside and out.

So I have some lofty goals.  I like a good challenge. I can totally do this.  How many of me are there????

Poof its over

Can you believe that another holiday season has come and went.  Wow it flew but so did all of 2010.  I used to laugh when my parents would say wow this year or this month flew by...all while thinking ya right I can't wait to grow up.  Now hear I am all grown up and wow time flies now days.  My kids are growing up so fast and years are just zipping by.  I feel like I hardly have time to blink what I might miss a month.  The memories that I have are incredible but I am haunted by the missed opportunities that came from "doing it tomorrow or later" syndrome.  I guess a wise woman would say that a new years resolution would be to not procrastinate but that only solves part of the problem.  I still cannot slow down time.  So I am committed to cherishing every moment and cataloging every memory either in a journal, my blog, or in pictures.  Its a lofty goal but I think I can do it.