Monday, February 28, 2011

March #3in30 goals and February wrap up

Ok can I confess something to you? Good. I did not do well on my goals last month.  My goal to work out did not come together until the last week and then I was discouraged to see that the scale was going up. Have no fear I plan to tackle that one again...and then some!!

As for the shower everyday well I can say that at least 5 days a week I met this goal!!!! Woop Woop some days I can say that I showered and that's it but some days I actually dried and styled my hair.  Wowza huh???

I also made my kids assignments happen.  That was a matter of life and death.  Without them school didn't happen.  Good thing I kept up with that. 

So on to March

Goal #1 To get up at or before 6 a.m. in order to work out and spend time in God's word...every day!! This will not be a real struggle right now because I already get up at 6 but I would like to be up by 5 by the end of the month then have Bible, workout shower all done by the time the kiddos are up. 

Goal#2 To Spring Clean yep I want to tackle and rid my home of most of the excess clutter and what clutter I plan to keep I want to provide it with proper storage.  We have so many books around here that we need more book cases.  We also have totes for toys but they too need a place to be stored other than stuck in the corner in a pre-avalanche sort of pyramid.  I want to clean carpets and wash walls which the kids will love.  I might even go crazy and clean windows. 

Goal #3 I am going to add to the workout goal.  I want to do it 5 or more days a week and will attempt to cut calories which by the way I will accept any and all advice on that from recipes to beating hunger tips (please HELP!!!)

Since my daughter was born in 2006 I have gained 20 pound and would love to see them gone as would my knees and back.  So its not so much about a size or weight for me.  I just want to alleviate the pain and feel the way I used to feel, full of energy and happier.

So lets hear it for March...totally planning on kicking these goals' tushes...Here comes spring lets celebrate!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mom's Heart

My mom heart matters.  The way that I see things and the way I behave matter.  I can change the world through my choices and behavior.  I can send happy healthy children out into the world or the kind of kids that will keep therapist in business for years to come.  I realized though that I have to ditch the past.  Each new day that God gives me is a chance to be the best mommy I can be.  The way I was raised does not have to be my legacy for my children.  Reacting in anger has no place in my home anymore.  Being aware is the first step and I am aware. 

I recall Sally Clarkson telling the story of a mom who came home from the conference to a sleeping husband, messy house and dishes overflowing from the sink.  Well I am happy to announce that I came home to a messy house, sink full of dishes....and fiftenn minutes in a child needing to go to the ER.  My sweet little girl hit here ear directly on the edge of a chest at the end of our bed so hard it busted the top of her ear lobe and even popped open the skin on the head behind the ear...OUCH!!!! So off to the ER we went. 

Three hours, glue, and an antibiotic later we were back home...phew! Time to start unpacking and doing laundry only I discover that a piece that regulates the fabric softner and bleach dispenseers on my wahing machine are gone.  Hastily and in a really high pitch squeaky voice I asked my mom whaere she thought I might find it.  Oh of course...the trash...oh and that would be the one that is in the dumpster. Grrr....out into to the pouring rain to go dumpster life long dream.

By 10 last night I had all the kids in bed, laundry was going, and I was exhausted.  Funny thing though I could not sleep I was trying to rewind and remember everything that was said.  I remembered what seemed like nothing.  My mom heart though it remembers...My heart matters and so do my kids.  I spent today being positive (at least more so than usual) I have also told all of my kids at least once today how much I love being their mom and how blessed I feel that they are my children. Its a start to a better life.