Wednesday, January 26, 2011


In my house the noise level is generally above a normal acceptable range...There are 6 kids here three of which are rough and tumble boys and three girls with screams so shrill they can shatter glass and of course every one has to talk at once.  Once they start though its the competition that gets me everyone has to talk over each other..

What is is even worse for me though is I get used to the level of noise.  It becomes normal and bareable.  I can do anything when it is that loud.  What I cannot handle is the silence.  Not the silence when they are all snug in their beds the silence I hear when they are gone.  Spending the night some where or just playing at grandmas.  You make think the noise is deafening I think the silence is.....

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  1. Um, if you thought our first room was nice, check out the progression to our new room :)