Monday, February 28, 2011

March #3in30 goals and February wrap up

Ok can I confess something to you? Good. I did not do well on my goals last month.  My goal to work out did not come together until the last week and then I was discouraged to see that the scale was going up. Have no fear I plan to tackle that one again...and then some!!

As for the shower everyday well I can say that at least 5 days a week I met this goal!!!! Woop Woop some days I can say that I showered and that's it but some days I actually dried and styled my hair.  Wowza huh???

I also made my kids assignments happen.  That was a matter of life and death.  Without them school didn't happen.  Good thing I kept up with that. 

So on to March

Goal #1 To get up at or before 6 a.m. in order to work out and spend time in God's word...every day!! This will not be a real struggle right now because I already get up at 6 but I would like to be up by 5 by the end of the month then have Bible, workout shower all done by the time the kiddos are up. 

Goal#2 To Spring Clean yep I want to tackle and rid my home of most of the excess clutter and what clutter I plan to keep I want to provide it with proper storage.  We have so many books around here that we need more book cases.  We also have totes for toys but they too need a place to be stored other than stuck in the corner in a pre-avalanche sort of pyramid.  I want to clean carpets and wash walls which the kids will love.  I might even go crazy and clean windows. 

Goal #3 I am going to add to the workout goal.  I want to do it 5 or more days a week and will attempt to cut calories which by the way I will accept any and all advice on that from recipes to beating hunger tips (please HELP!!!)

Since my daughter was born in 2006 I have gained 20 pound and would love to see them gone as would my knees and back.  So its not so much about a size or weight for me.  I just want to alleviate the pain and feel the way I used to feel, full of energy and happier.

So lets hear it for March...totally planning on kicking these goals' tushes...Here comes spring lets celebrate!!!


  1. I did really well on the South Beach diet. I am back on it now. It is pretty much low carb and high protein.

  2. Very interesting I have become a protein junkie. Without it I am hungry five minutes later and once I start on carbs I cannot seem to stop. I am a baked good lover. We actually have the book I will have to look into it.

  3. You go girl!! Been seeing you early on twitter, so I know #1 is happening! Wahoo! BTW, I totally dropped the ball on my Feb goals. BLEH!

  4. Visiting from the HSV Panel. My dh is also a truck driver. Glad to meet you!